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Decommissioning Your Oracle PeopleSoft Application.

Benefits of Decommissioning PeopleSoft


License and Maintenance Fees – maintaining PeopleSoft instances, simply to look up old information are costly.

Infrastructure – We archive into a single open source system and eliminate all infrastructure cost and complexities of PeopleSoft.

Knowledge Costs – using PeopleSoft takes a great deal of training and understanding to retrieve simple datasets. Specialized SQL knowledge precluded the average user from being fully self-service, and instead became reliant on PeopleSoft experts. We provide a simple Web interface with over 80 standard reports and ad-hoc search building capabilities.


Stable and consistent formats were necessary for W2 and Pay Slips. Hi-Fidelity forms are archived with the structured data for a single view into all data types

Built in PeopleSoft connectors allows for complete chain of custody and referential integrity of the data taken from the PeopleSoft sources system into the archive.

Data gets duplicated across multiple systems for reporting and business uses creating gaps and misalignment in the data. Archiving the data in ONE system eliminates this and provides control, audit and easy access.


Data was being over preserved thus, leaving the door open for legal judgements on data that could have been disposed of.

Retention and legal holds can be placed at a record level and dispositions can be run systematically when retention is met.

Data encryption, data masking, access controls like SSO, LDAP, Group and Role based access controls are in place to meet the toughest compliance needs.

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Our PeopleSoft Decommission Process

  • Connect

    Archon’s prebuilt PeopleSoft connector seamlessly connects to PeopleSoft.

  • Analyze

    Not all PeopleSoft Applications are the same. Archon will build the referential integrity model (ER between all tables and related data to ensure no orphaned records and all relevant data is captured and context is preserved.

  • Extract

    Once Archon builds out the referential integrity model (ERD) We can select and validate exactly what data we want to extract. No tedious mapping and project build outs.

  • Metadata

    Archon will build METADATA that we can use to build business logic off of such and Retention, Search screens, ad hoc screen building and migration logic.

  • Wizard

    The build out of the Archive is easy with automated prebuilt search screens, Retentions and Ad Hoc Screen building and rich METADATA.

  • End User Access

    With over 80 pre-built PeopleSoft reports end users have quick access to the most requested data. Given and Ad-Hoc query screen builder business can quickly build new reports. End user access can use SSO and sync with your directory service. Report and data are access is based upon a user’s role and group. Data is Encrypted and fields like SSN can be masked for security and compliance reasons.

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