Platform 3 Solutions recently published research titled “Driver and Impediments to Digital Transformation“.  Within this research a broad set of technical and business motivators and detractors were uncovered.  One was around the growing presence and corporate acceptance of open source technologies.

Couple this with information from Gartner stating:

“By 2022, open-sourced-based DBMS products will account for more than 25% of DBMS revenue, which will increase their attractiveness to mainstream buyers”.

Considering how open-source technology costs ~75% less to utilize to traditional alternatives, this means the world is utilizing it for more of it’s more demanding workloads.

How Platform 3 Solutions is responding

Platform 3 Solutions formally announced two strategic partnerships in making sure clients are empowered through open-source alternatives to bring innovation, enterprise services and lower cost.  These include:


Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications.  Confluent brings additional engineering and support to this platform.  Platform 3 Solutions utilizes Kafka in the Archon product to bring scalable and real time streaming of any data type to allow for timely active archiving or complete retirement of old technologies.


Postgres is the fastest growing database in the market and EDB is the largest community provider of engineering, support, services and education.  EDB helps bring a formal partner community around Postgres to solidify an ecosystem to help organization like Platform 3 Solutions be successful with engineering support and best practices.   Add to this what EDB brings to Postgres around:

  • Oracle compatibility to make the migration of in-database business logic 90-95% compatible inside Postgres.
  • Multi-cloud empowerment of the latest versions of Postgres including the utilization of containers.
  • Direct access to the smartest database people in the world with their contributions back to the community.

As organizations look to reconcile their existing environments, they have 3 primary considerations:

  • Merge and rationalize duplicate systems.
  • Migrate legacy data and solutions to a new platform
  • Archive and retire data in part or in total from old, expensive data platforms.

Effective immediately Platform 3 Solutions can help organizations in their effort to transform their technology spend. With Archon platform, any database or solutions can be evaluated to identify what to migrate, merger or archive off to less expensive alternatives and carry out the complete effort – rather the result is on-premise or in the cloud.

Anywhere from 50% to 70% of enterprise data is old enough to off load and Platform 3 Solutions will make sure the results fit the needs of the business.  Using technologies like Confluent’s Kafka and EDB’s Postgres Enterprise Edition change the economics for clients while bringing better support and innovation.

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