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Technology Debt Score™

Categorize. Prioritize. Monetize. ™

A cross-functional assessment process to Identify, Analyze, Categorize and Prioritize key values to measure true technology debt.

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Global leader in end-to-end legacy application solutions.

Platform 3 Solutions is a global leader in end-to-end legacy application solutions. We offer a full suite of products, services, and support to ensure a seamless transition from legacy technology to new and innovative platforms.

We deliver significant savings.

We deliver significant savings to free up resources, allowing for investment in innovation and growth for the business as a whole. Our proprietary process assesses the true technology debt and delivers an ROI by removing expensive and complicated end-of-life technologies, simplifying business operations, and mitigating their risk profile.

We manage legal and compliance risk.

We manage legal and compliance risk by classifying your data to intelligently migrate only what is valuable, archive what is needed for retention, and defensibly delete what is not needed.

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What is Technology Debt and Why is it Important?

Technology debt is defined by Platform 3 Solutions as the current monetary and opportunity cost tied to existing technology that puts the business at risk or contributes to the operational complexities associated with outdated applications, subscriptions, maintenance, processes, and human capital required to sustain them.

Platform 3 assesses an organization’s technology debt to create an ROI cost savings model, then uses tools like Archon to efficiently migrate and archive data from legacy systems to new technologies. Our revolutionary tools and services create a streamlined application decommissioning process, saving companies time and money, and making Platform 3 Solutions a leader in technology debt reduction.

Phase One

Platform 3 Technology Debt Score™ and
Platform 3 ROI Assessment™

We use the Platform 3 Technology Debt Score™, a proprietary tool that monetizes all aspects of the debt and provide a “transformation investment” with a defendable ROI to fund innovation. This helps clients understand the risk vs. benefit and cost vs. savings of moving forward or doing nothing.

Phase Two

Platform 3 Roadmap to Action™

  • Archive or Retain data/information for compliance and governance
  • Migrate (data/information) to new platform or application
  • Remove (retire, decommission, and deconstruct) technology applications and infrastructure to close the technology lifecycle loop
  • Defensively Delete data/information that no longer has business value or poses potential risk

Customer Success



The evolution of the organization through acquisition and drive to transform their business requires a repeatable ‘decommissioning refinery’. AS/400s, legacy RDBMS systems—the systems get into the 100s. But the need to maintain the data and applicable chain-of-custody is just as paramount in their journey to clean up ‘zombie systems’.


In working with Platform 3 Solutions, Medtronic has implemented their own internal ‘Application Decommissioning’ team that works with internal stake holders to properly evaluate the technical and retention needs of all global technologies.


After a merger and acquisition, a large life sciences company needed to drastically cut cost and transform their business to recognize promised operational and cost synergies in the new company. Complicating this were several redundant PeopleSoft systems in need of archival.


Platform 3 Solutions’ product allowed the business to fast track data analysis, data extraction, and data normalization to quickly and efficiently archive PeopleSoft systems.

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