Archon Data Suite

At Platform 3 Solutions, get peace of mind as complex operations like data archival, migration, decommission, real-time data analytics, and more are performed using our state of the art, end-to-end data management suite accompanied by 24×7 support from our team and a package that ensures your business operations are set up for success. Leverage one or all of the components and get a fully customized approach to the data handling process.

Have a specific use case?

Our team has years of experience to help you with niche use cases, including conducting governance & privacy assessments, jumpstarting application retirement, and helping companies modernize and leave legacy technology – along with any technical debt accrued in the process – behind. Learn more about our services.


Technology Debt Score™

Platform 3 assesses an organization’s technology debt to create an ROI cost savings model and uses tools like Archon to efficiently migrate and archive data from legacy systems to new technologies.

See what makes us a leader in technology debt reduction.



Companies in the healthcare sector can almost always benefit from decommissioning obsolete clinical systems and integrating information into a primary EMR for a single point of access to patient records.

Read about Patient3Sixty, our modernization tool for healthcare.


SAP Archiving Services

If you have SAP data and are ready to archive, leverage P3’s expertise in SAP data archival. We evaluate your current archiving strategies and maturity to provide an effective plan with a full spectrum of SAP archiving solutions.

Discover how to save costs, boost SAP performance, and more.

Fourth Annual Research Paper
The State of Corporate Technology



We are highly-qualified professionals with over 12 years experience building deep knowledge in Legacy Application Decommissioning. We help manage your legacy applications, clean up duplicative systems, or do whatever is needed to help you modernize your infrastructure and improve costs and performance.


Committed to Excellence

We are ISO/IEC 27001 and 9001 certified with a systematic approach to managing and securing sensitive information. Quality project records are maintained for guaranteed transparency, compliance, and high-quality software and code, while meeting criteria for general quality management systems.



The team at P3 comes from a sole focus and background centered around helping our customers reduce IT costs, maintain proper governance, and navigate digital transformations. Attain organizational excellence with a company and solutions that are committed to supporting you along the way.


Explore how our customers reimagine legacy systems with us

“We acquired a large amount of Technology Debt over the years and needed to reduce costs and clean up our infrastructure. Not knowing how or where to start P3 help us set up a program to prioritize and execute an archiving factory. I highly recommend engaging them early in your journey.”


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