The right relationships create the best solutions.



Dell EMC is the largest hardware and storage company in the world. They utilize Platform 3 Solutions and InfoArchive to help organizations go through IT transformations and migration to the latest technologies.



Sigma brings a focused capability with Platform 3 Solutions by helping SAP clients actively archive production systems and retire previous versions. With a move to SAP/HANA, there is a greater need to manage the data in older versions for governance, risk, and compliance purposes, as exactly what needs to migrate has changed.


Clients are prioritizing ‘open source’ in their strategy.  In response, Platform 3 Solutions has formalized a relationship with EnterpriseDB to bring the most dedicated and focused provider of open-source Postgres to the marketplace.  Their resources, quality of support and customer satisfaction drove Platform 3 Solutions to come together as clients look to migrate off their expensive, old database and migrate to a nimble, less expensive alternative.


Confluent and Platform 3 together bring an event-driven framework built on Apache Kafka to creatively and securely manage our client’s data at scale. Their flexible platform allows Platform 3 to bring intelligence and action to migrations, archiving, and decommissioning to our clients quickly.



Platform 3 Solutions works closely with OpenText by using InfoArchive, an open XML-based repository that can manage structured and unstructured information in a compliant manner.

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