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Looking to archive your SAP data? Platform 3 Solutions offers SAP archiving services to help you archive and retain your business-critical information. We take an objective approach, carefully reviewing your existing architecture before designing a cohesive strategy to optimize archiving success.

We recommend a solution and plan that best fits your SAP environment and specific requirements to deliver seamless archiving. From discovery through operational support, we’re here every step of the way to provide the full spectrum of SAP archiving solutions.

Data archiving helps businesses like yours move outdated or inactive data from your SAP environment into an archive database for easy access when required. Boost your SAP performance while reducing costs and ensuring compliance with legal and industry regulations.

Our team at P3 has developed a holistic approach that starts with evaluating your current archiving strategies and maturity to align the most effective path to SAP archiving. We use insights from our evaluation to build a plan that helps you retire your application, prepare for migration, or even help you archive data post-migration.

Benefits of
Archiving your SAP Data

Make your SAP data more

Improve SAP

Lower your data
management fees

Maintain regulatory and
legal compliance

SAP Archiving Services

Discovery & Analysis

  • Access the current data landscape
  • Classify by data age and growth rate
  • Assess integrated system dependencies
  • Align with SAP archiving objects
  • Offer architectural recommendations
  • Provide an SAP archival strategy
  • Ensure adherence to GDPR laws

Proof of Concept

  • Leverage discovery and analysis
  • Execute the archival of selected objects
  • Provide a comprehensive dashboard with vital metrics
  • Share lessons learned


  • Leverage discovery and analysis and proof of concept
  • Put SAP best practices to use
  • Take a solution-agnostic approach (ILM, OT, IA, ECM, Datastore, and more)
  • Follow standard production paths, like the SAP-recommended ASAP methodology

Operational Support

  • We support “catch up” archiving
  • Manage and monitor live archiving
  • Manage retention and purge lessons learned
  • Provide integrated systems archival support

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