SAP Archiving Services

  • Make SAP data more manageable
  • Lower data management costs
  • Improve SAP performance
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance

P3 SAP Archiving Services provides clients with an objective approach to their current architecture for optimal SAP archiving. To provide a cohesive strategy we evaluate the client’s current data sets and archiving solutions. The outcome of our review is a recommendation that best fits the client’s requirements and SAP environment. From Discovery to Operational Support, P3 provides a full spectrum of SAP archiving services.

What is your path?

Data archiving, in general means removing old data from the database that the SAP system no longer needs online, but which must still be accessible if required.

Platform 3 Solutions has developed a comprehensive approach that begins with evaluating the clients’ current archiving strategies and maturity to align the most effective SAP archiving approach. Whether you are retiring, preparing for migration, or post-migration, P3 has developed sound strategies to optimize your archival approach.

SAP Archiving Services

Discovery and Analysis

  • Access current data landscape
  • Classify by age of data and growth rate
  • Assess integrated system dependencies
  • Align with SAP archiving objects
  • Provide architectural recommendations
  • Provide recommended SAP archival strategy
  • GDPR Compliance Adherence

Proof of Concept

  • Leveraging Discovery & Analysis
  • Execute archival of selected objects
  • Provide a comprehensive dashboard with archival metrics
  • Lessons Learned


  • Leveraging Discovery & Analysis and POC
  • Utilize SAP best practices
  • Solution agnostic-We implement all solutions: ILM, OT IA, ECM, Datastore, Etc..
  • Follow the standard paths to production: SAP recommended ASAP methodology
  • Metrics Dashboard

Operational Support

  • Support “Catch Up” Archiving
  • Manage and monitor Live Archiving
  • Retention Management & Purge Lessons Learned
  • Integrated Systems archival support

Customer Success

Leading Fortune 500 Industrial Manufacturer

After years of amassing SAP data, our client realized the massive amount of data would become an obstacle to their cloud migration strategy. Given the nature of their industry, purging data was not a viable option. Therefore, they needed a solution to offload SAP data from the core SAP landscape and yet maintain the ability to access it if required.

The client chose not to leverage their existing enterprise archiving solution, but rather leverage their SAP agreement which contained ILM licensing. Platform 3 Solutions worked with our client to design the appropriate ILM solution that supported their cloud migration strategy. Working with the client and the cloud providers, Platform 3 Solutions implemented an archiving process that archived data to cloud storage while maintaining access and retention management within the client’s SAP Landscape.

The net result optimized their data footprint for a much more efficient overall SAP cloud migration.

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