The modern corporate data center – highly secure, guarded, come with their own backup power generators, maintain the most extensive sensing systems always looking for smoke, fire or water intrusion.  Comparable to a military base always on alert.  But over time pieces and parts become old, out of standard maintenance, you pay more extended maintenance – and alas even that ends.  If you don’t keep up with each layer of the the ‘technology stack’ the potential for cybersecurity exposure, system failures and catastrophic events are just around the bend.

2020 is already shaping up to be a big year for updates.  The newest chips have 64 cores per socket, the latest storage drives are hitting 20TBs per drive and Moore’s Law keeps coming with updates needed to the hardware in the data center.

Even then consider the sum of software that is going end-of-service or end-of-life in the next 12 months.  The below is a summary with the links to the source to each date:

What When
IBM FileNet v5.2 30-Apr-19
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP2 14-Jan-20
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2 14-Jan-20
Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One 1-Mar-20
Oracle JD Edwards World A93 1-Mar-20
IBM CMOD v 9.5.x 30-Apr-20
IBM CMOD v 9.5.x (including z/OS) 30-Apr-20
IBM CMOD v8.5.x (including z/OS) 30-Apr-20
IBM DB2 v10.5 30-Apr-20
Oracle Financial Services Governance, Risk and Compliance 1-May-20
Oracle SQL Developer 4.1 1-May-20
Oracle Endeca Commerce 3.1.x 1-Jul-20
Perceptive Content 7.1.5 1-Aug-20
Redhat Release 7.0 6-Aug-20
Oracle Communications Analytics 1-Sep-20
Ubuntu Linux 18 1-Sep-20
IBM Informix 11.70 30-Sep-20
Oracle MySQL 5.7 1-Oct-20
Microsoft Exchange 2016 13-Oct-20
Oracle NOSQL 11.2.2 1-Nov-20
Redhat 7 (system Z) 30-Nov-20
Oracle 11.2 1-Dec-20
HPUX 11 31-Dec-20
SAP Sybase ASE 15.7 31-Dec-20
Oracle Timesten 11.2.2 1-Jan-21

Operating systems, databases, databases, content systems, enterprise applications – and the best part is how you need to do regression testing to make sure you environment can safely consume the new versions.  Every data center is one bad upgrade away from being a catastrophic failure on the front page of the Wall Street Journal because of ransomware, customers not able to do business – or worse!

That is one of the fundamental value propositions in cloud and software-as-a-service.  The eventual need for all those hardened, secure data centers that cost millions – POOF – go away. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers. In fact, 10% of organizations already have.

As organizations decide when ‘enough is enough’ in paying software vendors yearly maintenance for no innovation and weak support, more workloads move to the cloud.  BUT that does not mean all the important data in the data center is being ported and migrated – just the most relevant.

The result are stale and ‘zombied’ applications (WATCH THIS RECORDING TO LEARN ABOUT ZOMBIES) lurking in the old data center because old employee, customer, vendor, financial or document data lurk waiting for a records retention date to come so it can be deleted.

Platform 3 Solutions is here to help.  With the Archon platform, any organization can connect, analyze and eventually archive-to-retire systems to create a more searchable and better managed environment.  Challenge us and we will show you how these end-of-life technologies will stop haunting you.

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