Governance and Privacy Assessment


Complexity in meeting regulatory compliance began with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) law that was enacted in 2018 in the European Union. Then, additional measures became necessary for transactions in the United States with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).  The introduction of these regulations impacted any organization doing business with consumers—rather directly or indirectly—and requires them to consider how they manage all corporate information to make it easy to search, remediate and complete delete data based on consumer demands.


Platform 3 Solutions brings the ability to connect to, interrogate and identify all moments of Personally Identifiable Information to allow it to be identified for simple archival and management. With Archon, this effort is done both through A.I. and in an automated fashion no matter the source system. The goal is maintaining data relationships and being able to evaluate what is inside data types like email and documents.

Archon migration process


A rationalization of an enterprise solution portfolio with the retirement of old systems, archival of older data, and the understanding of both structured and unstructured systems to quickly identify what is needed for driving greater automation when someone asks to be ‘deleted’.  A Fortune 100 retailer enabled this across 100s of applications to reduce the manual effort by 90% while also driving the consistent definition of just ‘what is a customer’.

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