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The shift to new technologies using cloud based services and solutions drives modern corporate transformations. We provide an end-to-end approach to ensure you meet data compliance, security, performance, cost, and other requirements along the way.

As companies transform their business, data and application migrations become a critical aspect of reducing technology debt, simplifying operations, and modernizing IT infrastructure. Some common transitions include:

  • Peoplesoft to Workday
  • Legacy CRM to Salesforce
  • Legacy ECM to Cloud Content Services
  • SAP/Oracle to SAP/HANA
  • On-Prem to Cloud
  • Re-platforming RDBMS
  • Application Retirement
  • Application Modernization

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With Archon Data Suite, clients have a platform to connect, identify, transform and migrate any legacy data, including structured or unstructured data.

Archon migration process

Archon Data Suite drives cost efficiency for the enterprise, enables compliance and governance, and simplifies the overall migration process.


Application migration timelines, resource need and overall cost can be reduced
up to 80% when using Platform 3 Solution's Archon Data Suite.

A number of factors drive the need for a data or application migration, including cost reduction, modernization, performance improvements, compliance or security requirements, or vendor lock-in.

One of our clients, as an example, sought migration services to modernize their IT infrastructure, improve efficiency, and reduce legacy system costs. They achieved these goals and saved a staggering 4 million by saving on IBM DB2 subscription and license costs.

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