Archival and Retention Management


Companies are struggling to find ways to deal with increasing liabilities on the data that is currently stored, especially with HIPAA and GDPR demands carrying large fines for non-compliance.

Increasing compliance and regulatory requirements in every industry demands organizations to retain data for 5 to 10 years or even longer.

“Regulatory and legal demands for data retention create significant technical and economic challenges for application decommissioning.”



Platform 3 Solutions can implement real-time archiving and data retention practices.

This allows old technology to be removed from the portfolio, while the data context and metadata remains in easy reach; allowing purge jobs to remove data in a controlled manner according to an appropriate retention plan.


Larger enterprise technology, like SAP, can become very large in size if not properly managed.

Some tables can bloat to millions of unnecessary records that slow down the database and create backup-and-restore efforts that are inefficient and lengthy. Platform 3 Solutions has implemented realtime archiving to shrink SAP by 300%, still making the data available and mapping the information to a corporate retention plan for proper management/disposition.


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