Patient3Sixty by Platform 3 Solutions

Simplify operations. Reduce cost. Fund innovation.

How can Patient3Sixty help you?

Patient3Sixty decommissions obsolete clinical systems and integrates information
into a primary EMR, creating a single point of access to patient records.


  • Gain centralized access to patient data

  • Full text search across patient files and directories

  • Access patient information directly from EMRs

  • Organize information with prebuilt screens


  • Single centralized ROI

  • Minimize training SMEs across EMRs

  • Combine patient data from multiple EMRs in one ROI

  • Audit and reporting


  • AR burn down

  • Reduce OPEX and CAPEX costs with payback in as little as six months

  • Reduce migration costs by archiving data in a nonproprietary format

  • Recoup capital to fund innovation and health IT investments

  • Archive Back office, HR and Financial systems

Watch How Patient3Sixty Works For Our Clients

Client success stories


Fairview Health Systems implements archiving program to retire applications and save millions

Minnesota’s Fairview Health Systems employs nearly 35,000 employees, with over 5,000 doctors and two million annual clinical visits. As a large healthcare institution, they store high volumes of data.

Fund Innovation

  • Decommission legacy Clinical and Back-office applications

  • Deliver significant ROI back to the organizations

  • Become a self-funding entity

“Every day an application or its resources exists beyond its useful life is a wasted dollar”

VP IT Infrastructure-Major Healthcare Provider

Benefits Realized

  • A provider retired over 33 applications and saved approximately $9 million in operational costs.

  • Using Patient3Sixty one provider needed 50% less ROI staff.

  • Clinicians that have access to legacy clinical data within their EMR spend more time on patient care with Patient3Sixty.

  • FHIR interoperability provides secure data exchange.

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