Retirement and Decommissioning


Data centers become bloated with old and read-only systems because of data retention, acquisitions or simply because it is not a role within the IT organization.

The results is millions spent in maintenance on old software, hardware that is out of service, a lack of people who understand the technology and solution and a legacy architecture that is full of potential security holes because of out of support components.

App Rationalization Chart


Archon can connect, analyze, extract and auto-generate search forms on all structured and unstructured data, which can be viewed in InfoArchive, an open XML-based repository. Once the data is secured and controlled, the legacy technology can be retired and the equipment assets can be decommissioned.

Archon migration process

Most organizations have hundreds or even thousands of these opportunities. Platform 3 Solutions can help build the business and technology plan to create a ‘decommissioning factory’ to make this process repeatable and risk free.


Platform 3 Solutions have retired thousands of applications with their partners, and can tackle any technology a client wants to retire—no matter how proprietary.

As Archon and InfoArchive are capable of handling all technology repositories (JDE, AS400, Lotus, the list is endless), nothing stands in the way of companies saving millions of dollars with this solution.


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WHY and HOW to retire those legacy technologies in under 30 minutes.

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