Application Retirement Jumpstart


Companies continue to pay the high cost on legacy and redundant applications.

Don’t leave money on the table or let unnecessary costs impact your strategic efforts. Through Platform 3 Solution’s Application Retirement Jumpstart Service, you will learn how to optimize your current retirement activities and how to correctly capture and report the benefits being returned to the organization.


Turn a Cost Center into a Benefit Center.

Our clients have not only delivered significant benefits back to their organizations, but the programs our clients have built have easily become self-funded entities paying for their resources and efforts in addition to the significant cost savings they provide.

As organizations search for ways to optimize their operations, the focus tends to be on consolidation or migration to a new platform and application retirement activities are not always seen as a priority.

However, the efficiency by which an organization conducts application retirement—including archival, decommission and deconstruction—can provide significant benefits which are not often considered or identified.

Every day an application or its resources exists beyond its useful life is a wasted dollar spent.

Platform 3 Solutions experts can evaluate and optimize your retirement processes to return benefits sooner, freeing up dollars that can be leveraged for other key business value related activities.


Turn a Cost Center into a Benefit Center.

The Application Retirement Jumpstart™ is an interactive workshop designed to introduce best practices and offer practical guidance about how to launch application decommissioning as a strategy within your organization. 

Our team of experts start with an interview to understand where you are in your journey and what areas you want to focus, then tailor the engagement to meet your requirements.

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