For the third consecutive year, Platform 3 Solutions surveyed thousands of IT professionals to find out how companies are adapting to a rapidly evolving technology landscape.  This research identifies directions, trends, and false positives in the use of enterprise technology for organizations.

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Over the years this annual research has found a degree of consistency in some areas, uncovered items that are both obvious and more subtle, and has found results in new fundamental needs for organizations to consider:

  • The 80%/20% rule prevails –80% of organizations have a focus on ‘transformation’ while 20% are ‘status quo’ or ‘cutting costs. Results each year to the question: “What is the priority in your organization at this time?”

  • The challenges in transformation technology center around technical resourcing (63%), funding (41%), compliance (43%) and infrastructure readiness (40%).

  • The technology vendors with which organizations are looking to reduce their spending are Oracle (47%), Microsoft (29%) and IBM (21%).
  • The top reasons to go to the cloud are innovation (65%), cost savings (54%) and speed (54%).
  • The cloud platform leaders from our research brought up some interesting results. Azure (69%), Amazon (39%) and GCP (19%).

  • Why old technology is still running in an organization is consistently answered “Not a management priority” and “A business case has not been made”.

Gartner’s point of view is a befitting way to end this research. Gartner’s opinion is a result of their annual market forecast. “This year is proving to be one of the noisiest years on record for CIOs,” said John-David Lovelock, distinguished research Vice President at Gartner.“ Geopolitical disruption, inflation, currency fluctuations and supply chain challenges are among the many factors vying for their time and attention, yet contrary to what we saw at the start of 2020, CIOs are accelerating IT investments as they recognize the importance of flexibility and agility in responding to disruption.” In other words, if you don’t change you won’t be competitive in the market- place. Mr. Lovelock’s quote ends with, “As a result, purchasing and investing preference will be focused in areas including analytics, cloud computing, seamless customer experiences and security.”


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