Application portfolio assessment

Application Portfolio Management


Rationalizing to understand where to begin.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), organic business growth or the need to transform or force organizations to evaluate their technology platforms and rationalize them to derive cost efficiencies, enable innovation and create business competitiveness. Platform 3 Solutions has a wide range of process capabilities, tools and methodologies to perform portfolio assessments, rationalize IT systems and develop business competitiveness that assists our customers to create agility in their day-to-day business operations.

According to DELL Technologies, a typical Large Enterprise Portfolio includes:





Up to 20% are candidates for decommissioning, resulting in up to $130M per year savings.

DELL Technologies


Platform 3 Solutions uses ‘4R’ portfolio assessment and rationalization methodologies to Replace, Retain, Re-write and Retire applications.

The 4 R's

Our experts understand what is needed to properly accomplish the needed review from a business case, technology, and governance perspective. The result is a better understanding of what applications and information should be migrated, merged, archived, purged and/or retired. Even when some of the application knowledge no longer exists, Platform 3 Solutions can reverse engineer the context and logic of the data to give clients the best opportunity to understand what they have and how to rationalize what they should do next.


As clients reconcile technology because of moves to the cloud, the results of an acquisition, data center consolidations and major upgrades of enterprise technology—clients have saved billions of dollars with Platform 3 Solutions.

Through independent due-diligence, Platform 3 has the experience to reconcile any size application and server portfolio to show where immediate and long term opportunities exist to save money and bring agility.


The Impetus to start the App Decomm Refinery

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