Whether Planning to migrate from SAP ECC to SAP HANA, or having already migrated, you can reduce expenses by archiving. by building an archival strategy into your migration plan. You’ll free up storage and meet your cost savings goals. We can help.

By moving historical data into a purpose-built archive —like Archon Data Store (ADS)—you free up tier 1 storage. And when you store less data in the database, you spend less on licensing, hardware, and management. You also make more room for top-priority data in tier 1 storage.

We worked with Fortune 500 company to move their data into a data archive. They avoided expensive storage purchases because our team:

  • Helped them address projected data growth and plan accordingly.
  • Provided a plan to archive content from SAP to avoid additional hardware purchases and free up tier 1 (the most expensive) storage.
  • Moved the archived content into a purpose-built archive that balances the requirements for ongoing access with flexible storage tiering for additional savings.
  • Ensure compliance and end user access.

Our team at Platform 3 Solutions worked to create an archiving plan as part of their overall migration strategy.


Here’s what we did to help them avoid over $1.3M in storage spend.

We built a robust archiving program: Working together, we built a comprehensive program for archiving. We determined what to archive in order to offset data growth.

Our plan projected data growth and included a strategy for archiving business-complete data to make room for data growth. It outlined what and how much data to archive so they wouldn’t have to buy more physical storage.

We only migrated the essential data to SAP HANA. After examining what data to archive, we moved the remaining data into a compliant archive with storage tiering.

We optimized their process by implementing best practices. The strategy established clear retention policies to ensure legal compliance. It also defined a clear action plan on what to archive, including a regular review process for optimizing the archive database.

The archival roadmap outlined how the company could save an extra $1.8M in storage fees. How? By archiving their data to an archiving software like ADS.

Is data archiving worth the spend?

Instead of migrating all your data to SAP HANA, you can move the business-critical data only. A data archiving plan that reduces storage expenses and streamlines data management processes will save you more than enough to justify your project

Ready to archive?

Whether you’re prepping for a migration or want to optimize for cost savings and performance post migration our approach to SAP archiving will help you get there.

We help speed up your archive program and migration strategy by tailoring our approach to your unique needs. Our team provides:

  • A cohesive plan based on your current data sets and archiving solutions.
  • Recommendations based on which solution will fit your SAP environment best.
  • Discovery and operational support
  • An evaluation of your existing strategies and maturity

If you need help getting started or want a strategic partner to guide you from start to finish, contact Platform 3 Solutions.

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