• Servers: Intel’s new Cooper Lake CPUs will continue to push price/performance as solid state storage and onboard storage (NVMe) become faster, cheaper and more mainstream. 56 threads per socket! Is 2019 the year for data center and server consolidations to bring down data center footprints, power consumption and costs for you?
  • Software: Below are examples of enterprise components that have end of service dates that require attention. As some of what needs to be upgraded will need to have planning, regression testing and schedules set now for what needs to happen in 2019.

Every layer of a legacy stack has significant moments of potential exposure, regression testing of the stack, personnel times and downtimes that effect employee productivity and customer experiences. Most importantly how many of the applications that use the stack actually now near or not actively used to run the business – so you are keeping zombie applications on continued life support?

Platform 3 Solutions is the largest solution firm focused on the needs of organizations to migrate, archive and fully retire technology while simplifying the access to the information kept for data retention needs.

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