Total mail delivered by US Postal Services (units – billion)

With that comes a shift in the expectations of clients around topics like invoicing, statement presentation and other communications from using terms like ‘print stream’ to purely digital omni-channel communication integrated with new cloud services. Add to this legacy vendors doing through

  • Divestitures (like Unicom buying IBM Content Manager OnDemand 3 years ago)
  • Bankruptcies (ASG and their Mobius technology)
  • Consolidations (Opentext buying EMC ECD Document Sciences, HP Exstream and putting together with Opentext Streamserve)
  • Other business dynamics (everyone moves to cloud, more use of mobile SMS, etc) is causing disruption.

Vendors have reduced focus, people and R/D investment in bringing real innovation to these old stacks.

The TCO in maintaining these legacy technologies in annual maintenance, technology stack refresh and hardware/storage are not going down. All the while the risk of a security breach from older technology grow.

But all these documents that have been created over the years have retention and legal rules around them. The needs within the legal expectations for this information from a governance, risk, compliance and e-discovery perspective drives maintaining this status quo.

You have new options. Ask Platform 3 Solutions to help you build a business and migration case from your expensive IBM CMOD or Mobius platforms. Giving you options with modern open-standards based, XML data archives like Opentext InfoArchive which are priced based on data size and bring a searchability and retention policy capabilities that are best-in-breed. How Platform 3’s Archon product can connect, analyze and move the metadata and documents – still making them available for clients and employees to access securely.EXAMPLE: IBM CMOD 9.5 is end-of-support in 2020 and the underlying DB2 10.1 was EOS in 2017 – what will you do?

IBM CMOD 9.5 is end-of-support in 2020 and the underlying DB2 10.1 was End-Of-Service in 2017 – what will you do?


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