Platform 3 Solutions and EnterpriseDB engaged in market research to better understand the current state of corporate technologies – yesterday, today and tomorrow.  1000s IT professionals were asked in August 2020 their perspectives around key observations outlined below.  Over 60% of the responders were in organizations within Fortune 500 sized organizations.

A summary of the results are outlined below.  The complete research paper is available HERE.

What is the priority in your organization in 2020?

What is the macroeconomic perspective in how an organization operates will drive the utilize today of technology. Over 2/3rd are “transforming” while ~ 1/8th are looking to focus on “cost-cutting”.

Does your organization feel there is a big shift in enterprise technology happening?

While 67% of all organizations have a focus on ‘transformation’, over 83% believe there is some amount of fundamental shifts in enterprise technology.


Is your organization taking a ‘cloud first’ perspective in all future projects?

The biggest opportunity to shift to modern technologies is this move from self-managed, cap-ex on-premise world to an outsourced, op-ex cloud world. 82% stated they are now “cloud-first” or getting to that focus.


Do you think there is wasted money in keeping old tech alive in your company?

Only 10% stated ‘NO’ while 1-in-4 of the market said ‘YES-Significant’.

Do you still have any of the following legacy technologies?

Would anyone believe nearly 3-in-4 organizations still utilize network drives while over half have old applications and content stores populating their data centers?

Why do you think older systems are still running in your organization?

It is apparent this is not a technology issue but a business one.  The WILL to change by senior management and the need to build a business case take top marks.  At the same time 1 in 5 people are not sure why old technology is still running.

Which of these are happening in your organization over the next year?

This is showing the grand pivot to more in a subscription, op-ex model, the need to clean out that legacy ‘cost’ and reduce the facilities dedicated to the ultra-expensive self-running data center model.


Do you have an open-source technology strategy?

Open-source is where the latest innovations in technology are centered.  It also brings a cost benefit compared to the old-guard (UNIX vs Linux, Oracle vs Postgres, etc).  Over 80% of the market is already engaged in adding open source systemically to their technology stacks.


Gartner states “Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.5 Trillion in 2020, a decline of 7.3% from 2019”.  What will you do?

Access the free research paper <HERE>.

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