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A Better Way for Application Migration, Archival, & Retirement.

Empowering the needed actions to connect, learn, configure, extract/load and maintain governance in your migrations, archives and retirement efforts.


Smarter, simpler process powered by automation and machine learning


Adaptable connectors that work with any system configurations or platforms


Ensures data integrity to reduce overall data archiving costs

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The Components of Archon

The tool’s capability ranges from data analysis to extraction, and screen building to data querying.

Archon Features

  • A database profile and integration tool
  • Unique capability to automatically understand data relationships and create user views
  • Move data at a rate that makes sense for your organization—rather through trickle feed or max network rate
  • Aid decommissioning of legacy applications and systems with ease
  • Promote faster decision making and application building
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Lower overall data archiving costs
  • Can automatically configure the repository and query screens for Opentext’s InfoArchive
  • Data Intelligence and deep learning analytics
  • Chain-of-custody and complete discoverability and legal control


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