In the world of data management, data archival plays a pivotal role in maintaining and organizing critical information. Data archival, often a complex and time-consuming process, is now revolutionized by the concept of One-Click Archival. This blog will delve into the concept of one-click archival and explore how Archon Suite empowers businesses to achieve seamless data archival.

What Is One-Click Archival?

One-Click Archival, as the name suggests, simplifies the data archival process to a single click. It streamlines the otherwise cumbersome task of preserving and accessing data. Businesses, regardless of their size or industry, can benefit from this innovative approach. This solution is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Any entity that deals with data and information management can harness the power of One-Click Archival to enhance efficiency, security, and compliance.

A genuine one-click archival should possess the capability to:

  • Archive all data from the source system with a single click of the button.
  • Create relevant metadata for efficient data management, access, and eventual retirement, all while ensuring compliance.
  • Generate basic views to access the data post-archiving.

Who Needs One-Click Archival?

One-Click archival is a game-changer for various scenarios, including:

  • Truly Legacy Systems: Systems with no Subject Matter Expert (SME) support and minimal knowledge about their functionality
  • Read-Only Systems: Systems that have become read-only and no longer actively queried
  • Compliance Archival: Systems that must be archived for compliance reasons, even when they have little business value
  • Merged Systems: Systems inherited through mergers and acquisitions with unclear data contents

What Are the Advantages of One-Click Archival over Traditional Data Archival?

Embracing One-Click Archival offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Saving more than 90% in implementation time
  • Addressing systems without SMEs to define archiving requirements
  • Managing compliance and reducing infrastructure and legacy maintenance costs
  • Handling data with uncertain future uses

How Does the Archon Suite Help Achieve One-Click Archival?

In the traditional world of data archival, organizations have had to invest significant time and resources into managing their data. The process involves identifying which data needs to be archived, planning the archival process, extracting the data, ensuring its secure storage, and making it accessible when needed. This often cumbersome and lengthy procedure can take up to several months or even years to complete. Such prolonged timelines not only strain resources but also increase the risk of non-compliance with data retention regulations.

Enter Archon Suite, a comprehensive solution that elevates data archival to a whole new level. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems, simplifying the transition from legacy systems and ensuring compliance with data retention requirements.

With Archon Suite, achieving One-Click Archival becomes a reality. The long-drawn process of data archiving is a thing of the past. Organizations can now achieve in a matter of weeks what would typically take months or years to complete. This not only saves time but also reduces the burden on resources and minimizes the risk of compliance issues.

What is Archon Suite?

The Archon Suite is a powerful set of tools that provides a comprehensive answer to the complex challenges of data archiving, migration, and management. Comprising three essential components—Archon Data Store, Archon ETL, and Archon Analyzer—this suite empowers organizations to streamline data-related tasks and harness the full potential of One-Click Archival.

Unified Data Platform with Archon Data Store

At the core of the Archon Suite is Archon Data Store, a unified and compliant data management platform. This robust tool brings all your data under one roof, eliminating data silos and offering a 360-degree view of your information. With seamless data engineering, analytics, data science, and machine learning, Archon Data Store simplifies your data management, ensuring compliance and facilitating a comprehensive approach.

Efficient Data Archiving with Archon ETL

Archon ETL, another vital component of the suite, streamlines the archiving and migration of data from legacy systems. It efficiently extracts, transforms, and loads data, preserving its quality, security, and integrity during the transition. Whether you are moving from legacy systems like Lotus Notes or PeopleSoft, Archon ETL simplifies the process and ensures data safety.

Intelligent Insights with Archon Analyzer

Archon Analyzer adds a layer of intelligence to the suite. This tool uses advanced metadata and data crawling to provide valuable insights and a clear understanding of your data. It helps in planning data migrations and making informed decisions, ensuring that your data remains accessible and secure.

By integrating Archon Suite into your data management strategy, you can streamline your data archiving and migration processes. It establishes a seamless connection, creates metadata, and develops necessary access screens, all while maintaining detailed audit trails for data custody and access records. Moreover, it allows for easy incorporation of compliance policies, and once the process is complete, old systems can be decommissioned or repurposed to enhance operational efficiency.

The Archon Suite is a comprehensive solution that simplifies data management, making One-Click Archival a reality for organizations seeking to modernize their data management practices.


One-Click Archival, a standout feature of the Archon Suite, offers immediate value to organizations seeking efficient and compliant data archival solutions. Businesses can now effortlessly transition from traditional, time-consuming archiving methods to a streamlined, cost-effective, and future-proof solution.

It is a game-changer in the world of data archival, and Archon Suite is the perfect companion to harness its potential. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional data archival and embrace the efficiency of Archon Suite to secure the future of your data.

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