Dr Joe Shepley with Doculabs published a great article titled “No One Cares About Information Governance But You“. As we think about our document and structured data landscapes in our companies, one area we look to avoid is talking too much about ‘information governance’. Dr Shepley called out….

“The constellation of information governance (IG) capabilities required for good IG is well known: establish information lifecycle management (ILM), reduce ROT, secure sensitive data, direct end users to appropriate systems (“what to use when”), define and enforce metadata, etc.”

The morale to this story is…

“….if you want to have a prayer of getting IG capabilities rolled out at your organization, you need to align with what non-IG folks care about … which will never be IG in and of itself.“

For example, one goal of good governance is to manage information across its lifecycle, from creation to disposition. But good luck getting the organization to fund the dollars and bodies required to enable information lifecycle management (ILM) organization-wide. However, if your organization is subject to US or EU privacy regulations (CCPA, GDPR, etc.), meeting the requirements for managing consumer data to comply with these regulations happens to also support ILM for all data, consumer or otherwise.

California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA

So supporting this more narrow, tactical initiative can support larger governance goals at the same time — a win win for you, your privacy stakeholders, and the organization as a whole. So if you want IG to succeed, you need to speak their language rather than yours and deploy your expertise to solve their problems first. THANK YOU DR SHEPLEY – you hit the nail on the head!!

Platform 3 Solutions is here to help you take all your systems – no matter the age – and drive an IG strategy no matter the age or type of technology. From IBM mainframes, to old transactional systems (like Peoplesoft) to those housing more complex data (like documents, contracts and emails), Platform 3 Solutions is the largest provider of technology and expertise to focus on this effort of cleaning up systems for archive and complete retirement.

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