In our ever-evolving digital landscape, Sage X3 ERP stands as a reliable solution for organizations seeking streamlined operations. However, as technology advances, the high costs of maintaining legacy ERP systems and the necessity to transition to more modern, cost-effective platforms become increasingly evident.

Here, we explore the complexities of migrating and archiving Sage X3 data We also shed light on the challenges that organizations face and present Archon Suite as the solution to these challenges.

What is Sage X3?

Sage X3 ERP has long served as a cornerstone for businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for managing finances, supply chains, and production processes. Its historical significance in improving efficiency and productivity remains undisputed.

Challenges of Sage X3 Migration and Archiving

If you are in the market for Sage X3 migration solutions, you are aware of the challenges that come with it. Whether you’re looking to migrate Sage X3, archive historical data, or streamline your ERP operations, you have come to the right place.

We understand that making this transition is not just about staying up to date. It is about unlocking efficiency, cutting costs, and optimizing business performance.

  • The Data Accessibility Complexity: The distinct structure of data in this ERP presents a unique challenge. Extracting and transforming this data can be intricate without the right tools, making historical data retrieval a daunting task.
  • The Report Regeneration Hurdle: The process of extracting data for reports and statements from Sage X3 may require additional tools and steps due to its data format. Ensuring that this data is easily comprehensible and presentable is critical for effective decision-making.
  • The User Access and Permissions Obstacle: Managing user roles, permissions, provisioning, and integrations within Sage X3 can be a complex undertaking. Errors in this realm can lead to security vulnerabilities, reduced productivity, and unforeseen expenses.

Sage X3 Migration and Archival Roadmap

Platform 3 Solutions recognizes the intricacies involved in migrating and archiving Sage X3 data and has tailored a powerful solution, the Archon Suite.

Archon ETL: Your ETL and Data Transformation Tool

Archon ETL serves as an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tool, simplifying data extraction from the source. It streamlines the conversion of Sage X3 data into a clean, user-friendly format, ensuring that your historical data retains its value and usability.

Archon Analyzer: Your Key to Unlocking Insights

Archon Analyzer enhances your understanding of custom data models within Sage X3. It provides insights into the age of your data and generates comprehensive reports highlighting redundant, inaccessible, and data beyond your retention requirements. This invaluable feature empowers organizations to make informed decisions about their data management strategies.

Archon Data Store (ADS): Your Secure Data Storage Solution

Our Archon Data Store offers a secure and efficient storage solution for your Sage X3 data. It eliminates the need for expensive maintenance of historical data within your ERP system. With ADS, you gain on-demand access to your archived data, trimming costs and enhancing data management efficiency. ADS also facilitates data pruning based on your organization’s retention policy, further reducing storage costs and ensuring compliance.

Sage X3 migration and archival with Archon Suite

Sage X3 migration and archival with Archon Suite


Building Ad Hoc User Interfaces, Inquiries, and Reports

Besides simplifying archiving and storage, ADS helps with utilities for constructing adhoc user interfaces, inquiries, and reports using archived data. This feature unlocks new possibilities for analyzing historical data and extracting valuable insights with ease.

Reducing Costs and Streamlining Operations

With Archon Suite, you also reduce the financial and operational burdens associated with maintaining historical data within your ERP system. These solutions empower you to harness your data’s potential without unnecessary expenses.

If you find yourself grappling with the complexities of Sage X3 ERP migration and archiving or are searching for a more effective way to manage your historical data, get in touch with Platform 3 Solutions. Our team of experts stands ready to guide you in leveraging our Archon Suite, ensuring that your transition is both seamless and cost-efficient.

As a global leader in comprehensive ERP solutions, we offer innovative tools and expertise to streamline operations, curtail costs, and optimize ERP systems like Sage X3. Adept data management is the key to business performance. With our Archon Suite, Platform 3 Solutions is your steadfast ally in overcoming the challenges of Sage X3 ERP migration and archiving.

Sage X3 Case Study

A retail and wholesale warehouse and distribution supply chain organization found itself in need of strategic data archiving for Sage X3 after migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as part of a merger. The eventual decommissioning of Sage X3 made data archival an essential requirement. To achieve this, they leveraged the Archon Analyzer and ETL tools to narrow down the multitude of tables, entities, and reports customized for supply chain management.

Archon Tools in Action

After thorough consideration, a selection of crucial entities (limited to a maximum of 9 dimensions) was chosen for archival. This data was meticulously extracted and loaded into the Archon Data Store. Additionally, specific requirements regarding data inquiry and retention policies were gathered. These were addressed within our in-house, cost-effective cloud archival ADS. It also offers a user-friendly interface for accessing entities, creating data representations, and making inquiries. To ensure comprehensive data management, a separate application manager was created to store miscellaneous documents associated with Sage X3 and its implementation for future reference.

Mandatory Archivable Entities

Here are some of the mandatory entities that were eligible for archival:

  • Real-time financial records database, including ledger entries, accounts payable, and accounts receivable
  • Customer and supplier data, encompassing contact information, purchase history, and communication records
  • Inventory data, comprising historical stock levels, stock movement records, and historical EDI transactional data
  • Historical reports of warehousing financials stored in the CMS


Navigating the complexities of migrating and archiving Sage X3 data can be a daunting task. Archon Suite has versatile capabilities that go beyond Sage X3 ERP archiving for a single industry. Our expertise extends to a wide range of industries.

Platform 3 Solutions’ Archon Suite provides a comprehensive solution to overcome the commonly encountered challenges, streamlining data extraction, transformation, and storage. With Archon Suite, organizations can reduce costs, enhance data management efficiency, and unlock new insights from their historical data. If you are considering migrating or archiving your Sage X3 data, contact Platform 3 Solutions today to learn more about how Archon Suite can help you achieve your goals.

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