With such a large amount of information unstructured in organizations, content management has been the primary options for most larger enterprises.  With the investments made in cloud technology and more nimble frameworks, Gartner just dropped their latest magic quadrant full of surprises.

Consider these big moves on the board from 2019:

  • IBM is out of the leader quadrant
  • OpenText dropped almost to visionary
  • Laserfiche lost significant ground in ‘vision’.
  • Alfresco made a big move to ‘leader’ and is now owned by Hyland – as they also represent the one ‘open source’ option
  • Shifts from ‘challenger’ to ‘visionary’ took place with SER and Newgen

This leaves one organization showing significant investment and – believe it or not – focus.  That is Microsoft and their SharePoint options.  It is anticipated they will be in an even stronger position in 2021 as they just came out with “SharePoint Syntex“, a document capture and classification framework, that was released in October 2020.  Consider the list below from the Microsoft website what is in this Syntex release.

What makes Syntex interesting is also the price – $5/user/month.  That is a lot of potential!

Why is this all interesting to Platform 3 clients?

There is a trifecta of opportunities here for any sized organization:

  • Much less cost – With over 90% of enterprise clients subscribers to Office365, part of what entitlement includes SharePoint and OneDrive in the cloud.
  • Innovation and Investment – The investment by Microsoft into SharePoint through their ‘Project Cortex’ has been persistent and starting to bear fruit in ‘Syntex’.  This will only continue as they look to bring full featured content services, capture, workflow and compliance to the masses.
  • Cloud – Pushes enterprise-grade capabilities into any sized need, division or complete organization.  For those organizations with large network drives as their ‘defacto content store’ can have a more robust alternative that has no real up-front cost and grows with the success of the effort.

This re-enforces the research we found from the marketplace in August 2020 when asked “Do you still have any of the following technologies?” and 74% mentioned ‘network drive’ with another 57% mentioning ‘legacy content management’.

and the answer to what is planned for 2021 was a combination of ‘cloud’ and ‘decommissioning’

An infographic about the research is HERE while the entire paper is HERE.

How to start with Platform 3 Solutions?

Platform 3 Solutions

The organization was built on helping bring together application migrate, merge, archive and complete retirement – no matter the structure of the data.

So much of what is in legacy file systems and content management systems are millions of static documents that are kept for ‘just in case’.  The business value goes down by the day.  Let Platform 3 Solutions help you find that right balance to take advantage of market leading alternatives to bring down systems costs 60-80%.

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