Platform 3 Solutions and EDB surveyed thousands of IT professionals, both in 2020 and 2021, to find out how companies are adapting to a rapidly evolving technology landscape. Below you can access the detailed research paper.

Consider the following key takeaways:

  • PRIORITIES:  ‘Transformation’ remains the top priority but with ‘Cost Cutting’ growing over the last year 95% of respondents see wasted money in keeping old tech alive.
  • DATA: Over 30% of responds stated over 50% of their corporate data is considered ‘OLD’.
  • CLOUD: The drivers and perceptions of ‘cloud’ are about nimbleness (60%), easier to provision (54%) and access to the latest technologies (50%).  Interesting the least of the reasons is ‘less staff’ (42%).
  • PROVISIONING: A large impediment to change is the time needed to turn on a new platform environment, with 86% of respondents saying it would take over two weeks.
  • VENDORS:  ‘Technical Debt’ is driven by old and expensive technology.  When asked about which vendors organizations looked to reduce their spend, Oracle (45%) and Microsoft (30%) were the most mentioned.
  • OPEN SOURCE:  Open-source technology is piquing interest due to reduced cost (65%), increased innovations (57%) and better terms and conditions (41%).

With this massive shift to remove technical debt, clean up data, realize the value of cloud and better utilize open-source – there is a need to properly lift-and-shift existing technologies.  All this while also considering a balance of database migrations, balance what is moved through archiving old, deleting unnecessary and maintaining current data.  Finally how to do all this in a ‘migration factory’ model to realize efficiency, consistency and expected economic results (cost less).  All while maintaining-or-exceeding expected service levels by end users (from response times to availability).

For you

Since the completion of the research, the research authors have completed a set of materials to help you best understand the results.

  • INFOGRAPHIC – The image above is available for you to download as an easier-to-view version of the graphic.
  • RESEARCH PAPER – The complete research paper is available to download for free.

  • WEBINAR recording discussing the the initial observations and results (17 minutes).

Time and money are being wasted on keeping old tech alive, and transformation is the key to breaking free from technology debt. Legacy systems are being decommissioned every day, as more companies move towards open-source technology and cloud operating systems.

  • Platform 3 Solutions is here to help organization begin the journey to bring better return on the technology spend by reducing technical debt, replatforming the right ways with minimal risk and realize an increase in nimbleness and while reducing cost.
  • EDB – as the largest purveyor and contributor back to Postgres in the world – help organizations realize much greater cost savings while bringing greater innovation and be platform independent as the ‘cloud’ is the next platform.

Special thanks to the research authors:

  • Andrew Marsh – Director Solutions Engineering, Platform 3 Solutions
  • Skye Larson – Solutions Engineer, Platform 3 Solutions
  • Tom Rieger – Senior Solutions Engineer, EDB

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