The State of the Digital Workplace 2019 Q2 Edition

Within this 44-page report (available HERE) are 10 key takeaways:

  • Half-hearted support from top leadership is stifling digital workplace progress: Top digital workplace challenges, including budget constraints and a lack of strategic direction, reflect a lack of C-level support.
  • Digital workplace tools are failing users, creating a huge disconnect between their strategic importance and operating effectiveness.
  • Though emerging technologies receive the most attention and excitement, the priority for most organizations is on the nuts and bolts.

Additional observations about the research were made by CMS Wire writer David Roe, in an article titled “The State of Document Management in the Workplace”:

As technology develops and requirements change, businesses often times find that they have a diverse collection of legacy technology platforms. There are several warnings that this may be causing problems. These include:

(1) Organizations often feel they have no choice but to continue to maintain outdated systems because the effort and expense of migration is too much to tolerate.

(2) Researchers say that up to 85% of information in an organization is redundant, obsolete, or trivial and that organizations are still struggling to overcome this.

(3) To be compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other regulatory demands are too difficult to manage with older legacy systems.

Another measure within this research answers the question “What are your organization’s top digital workplace priorities?” with the results shown in the graphic below:

Organizations' Top 5 Digital Workplace Priorities

This re-enforces what Platform 3 Solutions experiences in every client.

“How do we clean up our legacy systems and data?”

“The old process has too many manual steps we need to digitize today.”

“How do we migrate data from old applications to the cloud, and maintain compliance?”

“We spend too much money on old technologies, but are challenged to fund new efforts” – This is called out as the top challenge in pivoting to a truly digital workplace.

Consider all the fractured systems, some going back decades, represent answers to questions like ‘who are my customers?’. Add to this the convoluted processes in place that wire the data together and humans doing so much busy work to properly service customers. Finally the complexities to comply with new privacy and regulatory requirements – like GDPR and CCPA.

California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA

Finally within the research paper were ‘To-Dos for Tomorrow’ with some particulars worth mentioning:

  • Discover and aggregate your digital workplace data
  • Try to get the ball rolling on formulating a strategy
  • Commit to improving failed tools

Platform 3 Solutions is here to help organizations accomplish the definition, assessment, and reverse-engineering of old legacy systems, and place the data where it should belong, rather that be a newer technology or an archive for records and compliance purposes. Platform 3 Solutions’ proprietary product Archon provides a platform for this effort to take place – no matter the type of data or application.

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