App Decomm 101 – What and why you should care

We are heading into the biggest transformation of business since the move from the mainframe to open systems. Today’s world requires a nimbleness and costing structure that takes the risk out of technology – all based on cloud services. But how you get there, the business case and where to start are big issues – but not the top issue. The primary challenge is how organizations reconcile their existing systems and decide what to migrate, archive or completely retire.Read More

IT costs in healthcare are going through a huge reconciliation

Even as technology costs drop and cloud options grow, hospitals are hampered by their legacy systems in moving forward. One of the biggest challenges that carries a significant cost and security concern is in the management of older patient data—medical records that bring a 360 degree view of a patients’ medical history potentially including digital x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs and the list goes on. But also the financial relationship with the patient and the insurance carrier(s).Read More