Attestation is not a term widely used in everyday conversation. However, it is critical that software be secure and properly reviewed, especially in the current technological landscape. A security attestation is a critical component of third party risk management. For vendors, this validation can prove to potential customers that your applications comply with the highest security standards. For enterprises, this validation ensures that the software is secure for use in their environment.


Archon, by Platform 3 Solutions, performs legacy system database analysis, information extraction and data archive configuration. The tool queries deep into the business logic and data of an application to help organizations understand the relationships, veracity, and context of the data.

Platform 3 Solutions took the extra steps in making sure Archon was certified secure by a third party, through a rigorous set of attestation audits that included vulnerability and penetration tests. The tests included a long list of potential security risks.

  • Confidentiality Breach & Cryptography – Security configuration of servers, devices or software.
  • Integrity Breach – Security configuration of servers, devices and software.
  • Availability Breach & DOS – Concerns causing system failure.
  • Authentication Breach – User identification.
  • Session Management – Secure implementation of session policies.
  • Authorization Breach & Access Controls – Assessment of user rights and permissions.
  • Accountability Breach & Error Reporting – Auditing of actions and auto-logging of problems.
  • Configuration Concerns – Security configuration of servers, devices and software.
  • Data Exposure – Unintended exposure of sensitive information.
  • Data Validation – Improper reliance on the structure of vales of data.
  • Patching Concerns – Keeping software current.
  • Timing issues – Race conditions, locking or order of operations.
  • Secure Default – Limiting to your exposure to both present and future issues.
  • Missing Critical Features – As per industry standard and best practices.

As a result of the extensive testing, Archon is certified for the most secure environments by validating that proper security, governance, risk and compliance standards are maintained.

This certification strengthens the ability of Platform 3 Solutions to help organizations properly migrate, archive and retire legacy applications securely.

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