Seamlessly migrate with Platform 3 to EDB
for an enterprise PostgreSQL experience.

Evolve your legacy databases and scale using EDB.

With the constant evolution of database services and storage options, enterprises are making use of the opportunity to make their business more elastic, economical, scalable, secure and failsafe. Using EDB for your data storage empowers you with more flexibility, better control of your data, and an enhanced ability to modernize.

Community 360 Support For Your PostgreSQL

Get support for your open-source PostgreSQL instances from a trusted vendor. Now manage large and complex data sets, move from legacy databases, build mission-critical applications, modernize your data infrastructure, and more while maximizing the freedom, flexibility, and community contributions that you love about Postgres.

Flexible Deployment Options

EDB provides a variety of deployment options for any combination of on-premises and private, public, hybrid, or multi cloud you require—all supported by a team of industry-leading specialists who are dedicated to ensuring that you have the power of Postgres wherever and whenever you need it. Self-manage or get fully managed services from the experts.

Enterprise Grade DBMS Capabilities

Get geographically distributed database clusters, ensure optimal performance at all times, benefit from major advancements in monitoring and eliminate any single point of failure using EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Reap the benefits of high availability, migration from legacy databases, backup and recovery, failover management, expert support, and more.

Migrations-as-a-Service with Platform 3 Solutions

At Platform 3 Solutions, we believe ensuring a smooth migration from start to finish is a worthwhile goal. Platform 3’s Archon Data Suite has an end-to-end meticulous and proven strategy to ensure a successful migration cycle. We monitor the process from discovery all the way through to operations after cutover. Get support from us no matter where your data is or will be.

Power up migration to EDB with Platform 3 Solutions

Platform 3’s Archon Data Suite is expertly designed to carry out migrations, decommissioning, and archival helping you not only through your data transformation journey but also covering at length all the components of your application. As a part of this partnership, Platform 3 Solutions makes your transition easier and provides many extended benefits.

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Platform 3 Solutions Receives
“The breakthrough Partner of The Year
Award 2020’’ 
from EDB

Platform 3 Solutions has been recognized for the level of investment, quick onboarding and migration & analysis solutions provided for easy transition to EDB.


  • 15 staff with EDB Postgres Associate Certifications
  • 5 staff with Advanced Professional EDB Postgres Certifications
  • Not found a data source we couldn’t handle
  • Worked with all databases: DB2, Sybase, MS SQL, etc.
  • Archon Data Suite of products to automate and accelerate the analysis and migration of legacy systems and reduce the cost of enterprise archiving


  • 100% focused on Legacy Application Decommissioning, Enterprise Archiving, Migration, & Analysis
  • Passionate and committed to reducing Technology Debt to help fund innovation and digital transformation

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