Clients are telling us they have a big move to clean up the ‘old’ and move to the ‘new’. One big compelling event on everyone’s calendar tends to involve when their enterprise architecture pieces-and-parts go out of support. No more update and no more support!

In 2020 the inventory of software from Oracle in this category is very very very long…….

  • Oracle 12c
  • Oracle SQL Developer Release 4.1
  • Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Release 4.1
  • Oracle REST Data Services v3.0
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager v12.1
  • Oracle Real User Experience Insights v13.1.x
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.x
  • Oracle Rdb and Oracle CODASYL Database v7.3
  • Oracle TimesTen In-memory database 11.2.2 (Jan 2021)
  • Oracle Database Mobile Server – ALL
  • Oracle Secure Backup Releases v12.1
  • Oracle Application Express (Formerly HTML DB) v5
  • Oracle Key Vault 12.2
  • Oracle MySQL v5.7
  • Oracle MqSQL Cluster 7.4
  • Oracle NoSQL Database v 11.2.2
  • Oracle Big Data SQL v2.x
  • Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph v1

Without vendor maintaining support, the list of risk and security exposures are high. The costs are high with bloated support (with low value), staffing and legacy hardware taking up expensive space and power.

Platform 3 Solutions is here to help give you perspective and options – the assess to help you decide what makes sense and a roadmap to decide what to migrate, archive or delete.

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