Discover, Classify, Categorize, Act.

Data analysis engine that prepares data for action such as migration, Re-platforming,
archive, and retirement

What Makes Archon Analyzer Unique

  • Identify and classify business value in your data portfolio
  • Classify sensitive information as defined by governing laws.
  • Build referential integrity and Meta Data.
  • Visualize lineage and mapping between tables to understand the flow of data
  • Categorize data to business value and prepare it for action
  • Build out scope, effort and complexities before data migrations
  • Automate transformation and migrations


Database Migration

Application Migration

Platform Migration

Storage Migration

Platform 3 Migration Process

  • Access your source data portfolio for migration compatibility score.
  • Generate detailed migration assessment reports
  • Explore and choose from a list of supported workarounds

  • The perfect migration path.
  • Organize the workloads in sprints.
  • Visualise the process with comprehensive migration dashboards.

  • End-to-end data extraction, tranformation and load with minimal downtime.
  • Foolproof chain of custody reports, audits and changelogs.
  • Set up periodic housekeeping jobs, change data capture

  • Hash based data comparison to validate complete data migration.
  • Test case based procedure and trigger validation ensuring correctness.
  • Guarantee the migration of majority objects with minimum manual intervention

Migration Made Easy

  • Integrity and validation on both schema and data level
  • Early warning system to identify incompatibilities
  • Recommendation for fixes
  • Chain of custody and audit
  • Dashboard with live migration status
  • Identification of ROT (redundant, obsolete, or trivial) data and recommendation for remediation
  • Unstructured data analysis to identify duplicates
  • Table space and user management
  • Addresses objects and stored procedures

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