Central, secure, and compliant data lake to manage any data types.

Archon Data Store is an end-to-end compliant data lake to capture, store and manage all data types across your enterprise. Live data feeds, retire legacy systems, accelerate migrations, store and retain important data, add velocity to your data analytics, and securely share data with any system or person.

What makes Archon Data Store unique?

  • Native Analytics
  • Smart ETL ™ for live and legacy data capture.
  • Chain of custody, referential Integrity, and data lineage management from source to target.
  • Meta-data driven for context and business rules.
  • Zero-configuration search screens for quick data discovery.
  • Runs natively on-prem, Cloud, Hybrid and SaaS.
  • Retention and disposition management.
  • Rule based Information lifecycle management (ILM) for multi-storage tiering options to balance performance and cost.
  • Up-to 6x compression of the data.

Drivers and Impediments to Corporate Change

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Our Clients Include

UnitedHealth Group
Lahey Hospital & Medical Center
Briggs & Stratton