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Archon Data Management Platform ™

An end-to-end data management suite that simultaneously allows you to
migrate from and retire legacy technology, right size migrations, enable modernization efforts, unlock, and enable business intelligence, preserve, and retain the data with full data analytics.

How it can help you?

Archon data management platform enables you to connect to any source system, analyze and act on data for migrations, build a central data lake, move the data to new target systems using business rules, unify data and centralize the management of any data types throughout your enterprise to unlock business value with real-time analytics with full fidelity, referential integrity and chain of custody.

  • Migration Analysis
  • Legacy App Analysis
  • Relationship Modelling
  • Application code Analysis Enablement
  • Right Sizing Based incompatibility Identification
  • Migration Road Mapping

  • Smart ETL™
  • Connectors and Adaptor
  • Action Engine for Migrations
  • Action Engine for Archive
  • Batch and Streaming Validation

  • Compliant Data Lake
  • Data Retention and Disposition
  • Role based access
  • Full analytics enablement on Prem and SasS based
  • Automatic Storage Tiering

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