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Archon is designed to address the need of today’s global enterprise major problem of maintaining retiring legacy applications by providing greater reliability, availability and security via cloud computing.

Archon toolkit is a one step, time effective and cost reducing approach to archive data from retiring legacy applications enabling organization to achieve greater ROI. It supports wide range of RDBMS and legacy data formats enabling data to be extracted in variety of formats including XML, HTML, CSV, JSON, etc. The toolkit is primarily customized to extract data in XML formats around which screens are built to enable users to query and get the details they need at ease.

What archon provides
  • A database profile & integration tool.
  • Unique capability to understand data relationships and create user views.
  • Aid decommissioning of legacy applications and systems with ease.
  • Promote faster decision making & application building.
  • Ensure data integrity, and lower overall data archiving costs.
  • Plugin for Info Archive.
  • Data Intelligence and Deep learning analytics.

The tool’s capability ranges from data extraction to loading, indexing screen building and data querying.


  • Easy to use – Very few guided inputs that all it takes.
  • Data Intelligence – the tool has the unique feature to understand the underlying data and the relationship.
  • Accelerate – ETL activities are precustomized for Info Archive making it ready to use at all-times.
  • Customizable – do archival on only what you need.
  • Scalable – world class process that support small & large data extraction at ease and as per need.
  • Convenient – apart from XML, archon support wide variety of standard output formats like CSV, TSV, HTML, JSON
  • Secure – benefit from a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most securitysensitive organizations.
  • Automation – IA app creation at easy and within sec.
  • Support – currently supporting all major RDBMS and ad-hoc support on demand.
Data Intelligence
Archon can read the underlying data and any existing relationship enable automating app creation, perform live archival and maintain data integrity.
Visual Relationship Graph
Archon toolkit has a feature to represent the data relationship between take in Visual form. Using this feature can serve as an advantage to Business Analysts to make decision on requirements at a much faster pace.
Data Integrity
Archon helps maintain Chain of Custody, ensuring data is not tampered and there is an unbroken Chain of Custody from data extraction to future usage.
Live Archival
Archon Live archival plugin provides a seamlessly easy solution to archive selective data along with an option provision to include the related information in the database scheduled for archival.
Multi Thread
Archon performs multi-thread extraction reducing extraction time.

How does archon work?

‘archon’ is a one stop, time effective and cost reduction approach to migrating data from source applications to InfoArchive/xDB, or to any other applications, thus enabling organizations to achieve greater return on investment (ROI) through automation. It supports a wide range of Databases and legacy data formats, including structured and unstructured data types. These data types can be extracted in variety of formats, such as, XML, HTML, CSV, JSON, as well as many others.

Archival Automation Through Archon :

  • Data preparation and ingestion
  • Application Build and End to End Automation

Live Archival Automation :

  • Tool to extract selective data
  • Define the relationships on demand (using Metalyzer) and extract records from a table without losing data integrity
  • Option available to customize which related tables to include and/or exclude
  • Ability to produce output as :
    • Table Archive
    • Data Records
    • Sip package

Data Profiling Through Archon:

  • Use tool intelligence and deep learning analytics to create the most accurate meta data
  • Understand business value of data and relationships
  • Database Schema
  • Stored Procedures / Views
  • Application Code
  • Column Matching
  • Data Crawlers
  • Graphic representation of Relationships
  • Metadata correcting/ defining features

Info Archive By OpenText

InfoArchive is an integrated product suite that enables organizations to reduce IT complexity and costs, optimize infrastructure and ensure regulatory compliance for archived information. It archives inactive information from legacy applications, allowing them to be decommissioned. InfoArchive also has the ability to “right size” infrastructure by archiving inactive or static information from various production systems and business applications and providing ‘Active or Live Archival’ capabilities. Structured data and unstructured content from multiple applications are then managed by a single archiving product, removing information silos and simplifying access control and compliance management.

Click the below Link to learn more about product capabilities:

As a preferred implementation partner for EMC, Platform 3 Solutions provides services using the InfoArchive product including data archival and retention services and ‘Live data’ archival services. In addition, Platform 3’s proprietary tools such as the Data Liberation tool enables accelerated implementation of archival solutions and reduces implementation costs for our customers by up to 20%.

Clinical Archive By OpenText

Data Archival For Compliance And Decommissioning

Clinical Archive gives clinicians and EPIC EMR users seamless access to the complete patient record while reducing IT costs and reducing total cost of ownership on legacy systems through archiving and decommissioning. In addition, Clinical Archive ensures secure, immutable and auditable regulatory complianceandallows EPIC/EMR users to search, view, and retrieve patient records, provideing scalability for large enterprise level data archival.

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Platform 3 Solutions has strong experience in the health care industry and has experience in archiving data from clinical systems to Clinical Archive. Platform 3 provides comprehensive consulting solutions including, assessment, project management, archival implementation and decommissioning services to our customers.

InfoArchive Product Implementation Expertise :

InfoArchive is a unified enterprise archiving and records management product that stores related structured data and unstructured content in a single consolidated repository and offered by OpenText Corporation. This product enables corporations and government entities to preserve the value of enterprise information in a single, compliant, and easily accessible unified storage. Platform 3 Solutions has the following experience and expertise in implementing InfoArchive and related solutions for Fortune 500 customers.


  • Archived over 100TB of data and 400 applications using InfoArchive, handling various formats of structured and unstructured data.
  • Have over 100+ years of combined experience in handling healthcare applications for Payer, Provider, Medical Device manufacturing clients.
  • Strong experience in handling PHI/PII data, providing data encryption and data masking capabilities.
  • Experience in managing and archiving clinical archive and claim processing systems. Ability to provide custom solutions for legal, compliance and regulatory related requirements to retain, purge and manage the data for long term.
  • Estabished proven framework and methodolgies to provide end to end portfolio rationalization through data archival and application decomisson solutions.
  • Developed tools, connectors and process accelarators to provide advanced archival solution implementation and accelarated ROI to customers.

InfoArchive 3.X to 4.X Migration Portal by P3

Portal facilitates the migration of from InfoArchive 3.x to 4.x versions. Portal will cut down the development cycles by automating the extraction process of all InfoArchive 3.x configurations. The tool will then analyze each component of the previous 3.x versions through our iterative process, maintain all relations, translate all queries and assemble the application in InfoArchive 4.

  • Reduce migration efforts during InfoArchive upgrades.
  • Maintain the complete user experience between versions.
  • Migrate search and custom screens with minimal effort.
  • Full audit capabilities to maintain chain of custody.

Application Onboarding Toolkit

Simplified portfolio assessment, program management and applications management tool that automates project implementation and execution processes while providing dashboard and financial reporting. This toolkit provides approval management, artifacts management, workflow capabilities for portfolio rationalization, data archival and decommissioning programs.

  • App Emphasize - Program and Portfolio assessment automation, Cost/Benefit analysis, ROI calculator.
  • Intake – Process automation, requirements management, approvals workflow, simplified artifacts storage and management.
  • Archival Execution – Project management simplification and scheduling automation, Resource management, task and schedule prioritization and tracking.
  • Decommissioning Execution – Cataloguing, Contracts and license management, Hardware disposal management, Documentation and tracking.