The world’s largest solutions company focused on helping clients migrate, archive and decommission legacy technology so they can transform awarded as one of the Top 100 startups.

One of the top global IT executive publications has awarded Platform 3 Solutions as one of the Top Most Promising Tech Startups for 2019. A distinguished selection panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and the magazine editorial board has selected a list of the most promising tech startups across industries that leverage innovative technologies and strategies to enhance services for the benefit of today’s modern world.

One of the unique capabilities that sets Platform 3 Solutions apart was highlighted in the article. “The company further offers an indigenously developed application – Archon – a database profiling and analytics engine which connects to applications and data sources to build referential data context, relationship mapping and chain of custody to provide actionable intelligence for migrations, archiving and decommissioning – resulting in reduced cost, risk and complexities“.

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