Archon by Platform 3 Solutions and OpenText Magellan

The modern enterprise is a jungle of interconnected legacy systems, business unit applications, and technology platforms. Many enterprises have hundreds, or even thousands of disparate technologies running on their networks.

Messy Cogs representing Legacy Systems

Such a bloated technology landscape requires an extensive budget to maintain and prevent IT staff from concentrating on new priorities and innovation. With so much new data and so many applications and platforms to contend with, how does the enterprise standardize and make sense of its information? In addition, new regulations like GDPR or CCPA introduce privacy concerns and complex governance requirements.

To control IT costs, maintain proper information governance and enable new technologies, organizations need to be proactive about managing their digital ecosystem by decommissioning or consolidating old systems, and ensuring proper archiving for regulatory compliance.

Platform 3 Solutions based in Minnetonka, MN is the largest global provider of technology and services helping organizations reconcile and simplify their enterprise systems through archiving and retiring of duplicate and old systems. For years, Platform 3 has used OpenTextTM InfoArchive to support data archival solutions and services.

Archon by Platform 3 Solutions

This week we are announcing an enhancement of this partnership to integrate OpenText Magellan technologies into the Platform 3 Archon™ solution. The enhancements will allow clients to deeply interrogate their less structured enterprise data – email, documents, faxes, audio recordings, text data in relational databases and more – to assess and decide the right actions as enterprises transform their business and reconcile information. 

OpenText Magellan leverages natural language processing and unstructured data analytics, such as text-based data mining, to easily include popular enterprise data sources. Magellan’s data visualization capabilities also provide a more holistic view of legacy systems and consolidation or decommissioning projects.

With legislation like GDPR and the upcoming CCPA in California, clients have new reasons to understand at a very granular level what is inside all the documents and emails in their enterprise in a consistent fashion”, said Patrick Benson, Platform 3 Solution Chief Revenue Officer. “With the OpenText Magellan machine-trainable text analytics and rich data visualization added to our Archon product we see a unique opportunity in the market around that 80% of enterprise data that is unstructured.”

California Consumer Privacy Act

The integration represents the next evolution of existing partnership between Platform 3 and OpenText. OpenText customers around the world already leverage Platform 3’s Archon™ solutions to connect, analyze, extract and automate the setup and utilization of the OpenText InfoArchive repository as part of a strategy to migrate, archive and retire legacy technology. OpenText and Platform Solutions also partner around the delivery of services to clients to architect and build for clients their own ‘Application Decomm Refineries’.

Application Decommissioning Factory

Platform 3 Solutions brings a unique ability and toolset that is a natural fit for Magellan as they run into more and more unstructured use cases with the need to analyze documents and emails”, said Scott Bederka, Worldwide VP OpenText. “How they will use Magellan is exciting to help clients identify their data risks and how to react.

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