Rather you stay local or move to the cloud – one of the first questions to consider is what to delete, archive, retire and actually migrate. Also as SQLServer is the data underpinning for SharePoint, what does this mean for the broader document and collaboration stores in your organization?

Topics like ‘upgrade in place’, ‘migration to a new server environment’, ‘Azure’ or ‘Just retire it’ are also not a one-or-nothing conversation. Odds are it is all 4! But once you choose, there is no mirror to look back. Have you considered how much you trust the performance and uptime characteristics of Azure? Consider this warning right from Microsoft:

Where this also is complicated is how many people do you have to STOP what they are doing to make this happen? How much down-time of systems is acceptable? How to find balance in people, money and technology is paramount!!


This is where Platform 3 Solutions – with their people, system knowledge and Archon tool – can help assess the right path. What to retire, archive and migrate === especially if the knowledge of some of these legacy systems is no longer in the organization. May need some reverse engineering, machine learning and automation to make where you go next a better place. Learn more from www.platform3solutions.com.

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