Platform 3 Solutions and EDB just completed joint research titled “Driver and Impediments to Corporate Technology Change – 2021 and Beyond” building on market measures done in August, 2020.  The analysis of this effort has already begun with a webinar that took place on May 13, 2021.

Over 80,000 IT professionals were asked a set of questions that look at a fundamental set of current business and technology perspectives.  The image below sums up the observations.

It is worth sharing the opening poll question to the webinar that brings our current mental state to the forefront was “If you could right now, you would….

But the webinar and research bring out perspectives of business, cloud, current technology spends and future strategies with data, vendors and a need in how to get to that better ‘future state’.

A special thanks to the researchers and presenters in this effort who bring a broad perspective to technology and market analysis:

  • Andrew Marsh – Director Engineering – Platform 3 Solutions
  • Skye Larson – Solutions Engineer – Platform 3 Solutions
  • Tom Rieger – Senior Solutions Engineer – EDB

Slides are available here: research webinar slides – may 2021 – pub

What to expect next

The previous research is available <HERE>. Platform 3 and EDB are jointly analyzing and authoring a detailed research paper and visual ‘infographic’ that will be available in June.  MORE TO COME.

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