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Portfolio Assessment And Rationalization Services

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), organic business growth or the need to transform force organizations to evaluate their technology platforms and rationalize them to derive cost efficiencies, enable innovation and create business competitiveness. Platform 3 Solutions has a wide range of process capabilities, tools and methodologies to perform portfolio assessments, rationalize IT systems and develop business competitiveness that assists our customers to create agility in their day-to- day business operations.
Platform 3 Solutions uses ‘4R’ portfolio assessment and rationalization methodologies to Replace, Retain, Re-write and Retire applications.
Our Methodology Includes
  • Value-based application assessments
  • Return On Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Application prioritization
  • Advanced technology compatibility and competitiveness assessments
  • Strategic application portfolio roadmap development.

Data Archival And Data Retention Services

Data Archival For Compliance And Decommissioning

Increasing compliance and regulatory requirements in every industry demands organizations to retain data for 5 to 10 years or even longer insome cases. These requirements delay the possibility of the decommissioning of legacy applications and results in increasing operational costs.

Platform 3 Solutions provides data archival and data retention solutions to our customers using a product called InfoArchive (Product from EMC Corporation). InfoArchive is an integrated product suite that enables organizations to reduce IT complexity and costs, optimizing infrastructure and ensuring regulatory compliance for archived information. Structured data and unstructured content from multiple applications is then managed by a single archiving product, removing information silos and simplifying access control and compliance management.

As a preferred implementation partner for EMC, Platform 3 Solutions has developed various tools, industry specific processes and methodologies that accelerate the implementation of archival solutions.

Active Data OR Live Data Archival

Industry experts predict that management of data growth in every organization will be the biggest IT challenge over next 10 years. Every organization needs to have a strategy to manage their data growth that can eliminate interruption to their day-to-day operations and also provide access to all their enterprise data for business analytics purposes.

Platform 3 Solution provides active data archival solutions to our customers using the InfoArchive product. This includes categorization of operational and non-operational data, secured archival of non-operational data, regular and/or periodic data archival. This solution enables the customer to archive enterprise data from various systems to a unified archival solution, effectively manage data growth and eliminate performance issues in their production systems.

Clinical Data Archival

Information management in the healthcare industry is changing rapidly and the transition of providers and clinicians to Electronic Medical Records Management (EMR) systems such as EPIC has created a significant need for the archival of medical records from legacy applications. Clinical Archive (Product from EMC Corporation)provides seamless access to the complete patient record and reduces IT costs by decommissioning old costly legacy systems. In addition, Clinical Archive meets all data security standards, provides data immutability and supports auditable regulatory compliance.

Platform 3 Solutions has strong experience in the health care industry and has experience in archiving structured and unstructured data from clinical systems to Clinical Archive. Platform 3 provides comprehensive consulting including,assessment, project management, archival implementation and decommissioning services to our clinical customers.

Application Decommissioning And Retirement Services

The application decommissioning and retirement process consists of the verification of application shut-down readiness, identification and retirement of infrastructure components, release of product support and licenses, secured shredding or repurposing of data storage devices, cataloging of all the components, and realization of cost savings and application synergies.

Platform 3 Solutions has perfected the above methodologies through consistent implementations with multiple Fortune 500 companies. We have the management expertise and experience to provide end to end program management services for application decommissioning. Our services include: engagement governance, application knowledge management, risk assessment and management, stakeholder communication, and change management.