Platform 3 Solutions was an honored partner and participant in the OpenText Enterprise World conference in Toronto in July as our collaboration in helping clients better reconcile their data centers and information with Archon™ and InfoArchive takes hold. Where this especially became interesting was the announcement of a partnership with Google to make InfoArchive available in the cloud.

The opportunity with this arrangement centers around the following fact:

  • Cloud availability brings immediate availability.
  • The risk drops to zero for clients.
  • Subscription pricing makes the InfoArchive repository total cost more closely tie to the need of a business.
  • If the need to take what is happening in the Google Cloud needs to be brought back on premise, it is a simple shift.

This effort begins to show the investment and portability of InfoArchive into any cloud – rather containerized in Google, AWS or Azure. From a technology, financial and business perspective – the effort and ROI to better manage legacy data is even easier.

Archon by Platform 3 Solutions to automate app decomm

Platform 3 Solution’s Archon™ product empowers the effort to better migrate, archive and completely decommission applications in a repeatable and reusable way. InfoArchive brings a data store to the forefront that can manage both structured (dates, characters, numbers) and unstructured data (documents, images, emails, etc.) along with an automated data retention capability to best manage the needs of your legal and records department. With this announcement between Google and OpenText, the simplicity of the cloud begins.

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