• Customer: $3.75 billion specialty chemical company
  • Technology: Legacy IBM i-series servers
  • Application: Info JBA financial application
  • Data Volume: Over 2 Terabytes

Platform 3 Solutions helped the customer turn off their last IBM AS/400 servers in their data center by accessing and executing on the effort to move all the data onto a new corporate archive powered by OpenText InfoArchive.

As the system held sensitive financial and client data, the effort required the following:

  • Encryption of the sensitive data with a new mapping of users and their access rights
  • Chain of Custody validation and reporting for all data as it is being moved out the original system-of-record to prove the archive’s validity
  • The need to access the data in the archive including invoice history, order details, and CRM data

Platform 3 Solutions, using both Archon and our IBM AS/400 expertise, completed an end-to-end effort using our repeatable process, solution templates, and methodology that included:

  • Data analysis and automated entity-relationship mapping of the heavily modified JBA system
  • Automatically setting up the archive system with this extracted knowledge
  • Performing the extraction, data retention analysis, and loading of the archive in an encrypted format
  • Creation and curating of the new query screens to bring greater ability to search on data versus the legacy AS/400 system

The result is the physical removal of the old IBM AS/400 servers, the reduction of cost to the enterprise to maintain the old technology, exposure to the risk of the one last person who knew how to query the JBA technology, and removal of this legacy tech in the organizations desire to shift more to the cloud.

If you want to see Archon in action yourself check out this video:

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