The battle raged on for over 18 months and Larry Ellison was doing everything he could to win. In December of 2004 after an 18 month effort, Oracle finally purchased Peoplesoft for $10.3 billion – ending a bitter fight. But for the customers of Peoplesoft the battle only begun. Changing license agreements, software audits and a brain-drain from the organization of anyone who truly knew Peoplesoft and any advancements in the technology. The bloated maintenance billing begins!!

Fast forward to 2019 and most of these legacy Peoplesoft organizations have made a stand and moved to something else. Workday, Netsuite, Microsoft, SAP. But something interesting happen along the way – and we see it every day at Platform 3 Solutions.

Those old Peoplesoft instance are still running in the datacenter. They are replicated to a backup site. They have their databases backed up for off-line storage. When a data center refresh of hardware comes around, these instances are moved to the new platform. There could be multiple back-versions of Peoplesoft going back into the 1990s still running. ALL THE WHILE – the only reason it is still running is to query the production database for something that didn’t get migrated to the current operating environment.

This is easily a $1-2 million dollar hard and soft cost to keep this ‘zombie app’ running. Someone is tagged to make sure it runs and is this person about to retire? And when something needs upgrading or have a service pack applied – it has to happen or there is a security exposure.

The #1 reason it is still running is around “How do we maintain the data, in context with all the logic around it, for as along as we have too because we have data retention requirements?“. Most Peoplesoft systems have HR data for people that has a retention requirements using measures like “How ever long the employee lives + 5 years”. But it has to be kept!

Platform 3 Solutions

Platform 3 Solutions gives you the technology, experience and expertise to take all this cost out of you enterprise, migrate the application to a live archival environment that is more easily searchable and can maintain the same reports your users are used too today. With our Archon product the primary actions across an effective application retirement are encapsulated to make nothing is missed. But with the move you gain systemic data retention capabilities that do not exist in Peoplesoft (data holds, ediscovery, defensible deletions), new ways to query and analyze the data and more.

Archon by Platform 3 Solutions Services

15 years is a long time and it is time to give your Peoplesoft implementation a proper ending. Learn more from <HERE> and check out the video below and you can see first hand how we make the effort….effortless!

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