Info Archive by EMC

InfoArchive is an integrated product suite that enables organizations to reduce IT complexity and costs, optimize infrastructure and ensure regulatory compliance for archived information. It archives inactive information from legacy applications, allowing them to be decommissioned. InfoArchive also has the ability to “right size” infrastructure by archiving inactive or static information from various production systems and business applications and providing ‘Active or Live Archival’ capabilities. Structured data and unstructured content from multiple applications are then managed by a single archiving product, removing information silos and simplifying access control and compliance management.

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As a preferred implementation partner for EMC, Platform 3 Solutions provides services using the InfoArchive product including data archival and retention services and ‘Live data’ archival services. In addition, Platform 3’s proprietary tools such as the Data Liberation tool enables accelerated implementation of archival solutions and reduces implementation costs for our customers by up to 20%.


P3 Data Liberation tool

This tool provides capability to automatically connect to legacy systems and databases, extracts the data, transforms the data to XML format, and loads the data to InfoArchive automatically building data search screens and reports. This tool reduces effort required for Extract Transfer Load (ETL) activities by up to 70% through automated configuration and setup. Perform automated schema, Database, table level data extraction and develops chain of custody relationships.



Archon Is designed to address the need of today’s global enterprise major problem of maintaining retiring legacy applications by providing greater reliability, availability and security via cloud computing. Archon toolkit is a one step, time effective and cost reducing approach to archive data from retiring legacy applications enabling organization to achieve greater ROI. It supports wide range of RDBMS and legacy data formats enabling data to be extracted in variety of formats including XML, HTML, CSV, JSON, etc. The toolkit is primarily customized to extract data in XML formats around which screens are built to enable users to query and get the details they need at ease.

Archon in short

  • A database analysing & extraction tool
  • Ensure data integrity, and lower overall data archiving costs.
  • Unique capability to understand the connected database system
  • Aid decommissioning of Legacy Application/System at ease.
  • Promote faster decision making & Application building
  • Plugin for Info Archive

The tool’s capability ranges from data extraction to loading, indexing screen building and data querying.

Features of Archon

Easy to use – Very few guided inputs that all it takes.
Data Intelligence – the tool has the unique feature to understand the underlying data and the relationship.
Accelerate – ETL activities are pre-customized for InfoArchive making it ready to use at all-times.
Customizable – do archival on only what you need
Scalable – world class process that support small & large data extraction at ease and as per need
Convenient – apart from XML, archonsupport wide variety of standard output formats like CSV, TSV, HTML, JSON
Secure–benefitfrom a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations
Automation – IA app creation at easy and within sec.
Support – currently supporting all major RDBMS and ad-hoc support on demand

Product overview

Data Intelligence

Archon can read the underlying data and any existing relationship enable automating app creation, perform live archival and maintain data integrity

Visual Relationship Graph

Archon toolkit has a feature to represent the data relationship between take in Visual form.Using this feature can serve as an advantage to Business Analysts to make decision on requirements at a much faster pace.

Data Integrity

Archon helps maintain Chain of Custody, ensuring data is not tampered and there is an unbroken Chain of Custody from data extraction to future usage

Live Archival

Archon Live archival plugin provides a seamlessly easy solution to archive selective data along with an option provision to include the related information in the database scheduled for archival

Multi Thread

Archon Performs multi-thread extraction reducing extraction time