Company At A Glance

We are a customer-focused company with a wide variety of skills around IT applications modernization, data archiving and decommissioning, cloud migration and cloud hosting services. Our motivation comes from making our customers successful by reducing IT costs, removing complexityand redundancy from their business and enabling them to adopt advanced technology platformsincreasing competitiveness in the their market place. With our key partnerships, verity variety of technology and management skills we provide customized solutions, services and tools to fit every individual customers needs. We are a fast growing company with 100+ associates working globally through our project delivery offices located in Cypress, CA and Chennai, India.

Our Core Values



Integrity is our most important core value. We honor our commitments, are accountable and always strive to maintain the highest level of ethics. We treat one another with honesty, integrity and loyalty. Building and maintaining relationships is key to our mutualsuccess by building trust, promoting success with open communication and immediately addressing issues. We believe that open and direct communication is the best way to develop enduring relationships with our customers.



We work closely with you to understand current, future and long term needs. We strive to ensure your solution is the best and most sustainable for your business. We motivate and drive our teams to develop highly innovative and productive solutions for our customers.



Quality is a part of everything we do. From project management, solution development, implementation and knowledge transfer we will ensure that quality and performance are measured during each step of the project. We accept nothing less than a completely satisfied customer.